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Best AppLinked Codes 2021

AppLinked is a new app which many are saying is the new Filelinked. But make sure to read the post carefully as I still have my concerns. Here’s some AppLinked codes for you if you’re looking.

AppLinked Codes

What Is AppLinked

AppLinked is basically the same as Filelinked and works like an app store for apps you wouldn’t usually see in official stores. Anybody can setup a store on AppLinked and start adding files to it and sharing their code with others. I’m not going to go too much into what AppLinked is but I have a blog telling you more and how to install AppLinked. READ POST!

My Concerns

This for me is something I’m surprised isn’t getting mentioned more. You may see YouTubers promoting the new AppLinked app and codes, but nobody seems to be adding that there is an anti-virus warning when trying to get to the website on desktop. What also surprised me, when a brand new app is released we always scan them for potentially dangerous files on such as VirusTotal, but what makes this 1 any different?

When using Malwarbytes I get a warning for Phishing and the same also shows in other anti-virus software like Mcafee. Yes this is likely to be a false positive, but I think it’s something users should know. I have spoke to the developer and he is working on getting it fixed, but for now the warning still remains. So just be cautious what device you download the app to or if you really need it at this time.

  • PUPs Warning From Macafee – See Info
  • Phishing Warning On Malwarebytes – See Info
  • VirusTotal Warnings (could be false positive) – See Result
  • Malicious PHP on – See Here

For anybody wondering why I’m letting you know about the codes if I have concerns. The main reason is a lot of people are asking me for the best AppLinked code to use and are still wanting to use it. Once or if the warning is removed, I will also edit this post to let you know it’s 100% safe.

IMPORTANT: It’s recommended to use a vpn when using 3rd party unofficial apps. This helps keep your information and location hidden and also stops your internet service provider seeing your online activity.

Best AppLinked Codes

At the moment the amount of AppLinked codes is very limited so there are only a hand full to choose from. As soon as more are created, I will add them to the list for you.

Here are the best Applinked codes so far in 2021;

  • 5555A store I made for you
  • 6464Made by Scotty (1 of my Discord mods)
  • 7777Doc Squiffy code
  • 911 TechDoctorUK
  • 8888Wot Box TV
  • 301851852 (not yet populated & store owner not known)

Obviously I would say stick to the AppLinked codes where the store owners are known, as you never know what the apk’s contain inside unknown stores. The reason I made code 5555 is so you had a place to go and get your apps if AppLinked was something you were wanting to use.

Best Filelinked Alternatives

So as you can see, those are the AppLinked codes available at the moment, but there are also many other Filelinked alternatives you can use. I have done a full post on this and also a video which I will leave below. READ POST!


I want you to know that AppLinked could be a great app in the future and we could see many more AppLinked codes. But don’t think I’m hating on the app for any reason, I just want to inform you so you know. I’ve been speaking to the developer personally and he assures me the anti-virus warnings will be removed in the coming days. Until then, I can’t really recommend the app as it would just go against all my previous videos when I tell you to scan apps and to use such as VirusTotal.

The warnings could be false positives, but if you’re using this on a device such as mobile where you have a lot of personal data, do you really want to take that risk? I think the app will be a hit in the future and it looks like it’s the only Filelinked clone out at the moment, so time will tell and I am excited to see what becomes of the app.


  1. One of the best applinked codes I’ve found is 1234, has s large number of streaming apps , live TV , utilities etc. Probably more apps than the average casual streamer would need.

  2. Thank you so much for your help I knew you guys would find a way for us to get the codes to download the apps that we need to update our our fire stick You are doing a Fantastic job GOD Bless you

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