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Applinked adding Adverts to the app

Applinked has been a great alternative since Filelinked was recently shutdown. But could this ruin the app for users with Applinked adding adverts to the app?

When Filelinked was shutdown we saw a few alternatives or clones being released and Applinked was the first of them all. It grew very fast but it had a lot of serious issues with virus warnings and a lack of features. Now the developer has managed to sort virus warnings and started adding essential features making the app very useful for previous Filelinked lovers. But could Applinked adding adverts to the app make users go elsewhere.

Applinked adding adverts

Why is Applinked adding adverts to the app

NOTE: It’s always recommended to use a vpn when using any third party app. This hides your ip address and also hides your online activity from your isp.

First of all we have to understand that running any app or website costs money. So the developer needs to pay the server costs plus he won’t want to spend all this time on the app for free. So we can understand why some kind of income from the app is important.

Filelinked didn’t have ads but you will have noticed they had a couple of popup messages recommending a vpn. These will have been affiliate links so that was one way of the developer to gain revenue. The other was the option that allowed users to donate. It stayed that way, so it looks like this was generating enough of an income to keep the app running as long as it did.

The Applinked developer looks like he’s going down the route of adding actual adds to the app. Now we don’t know if the apps will be intrusive 30 second ads, a banner ad or just ordinary placements, but time should tell. He also put a poll on his Twitter asking followers opinions on this. If you don’t already, follow me on Twitter and let me know your thoughts.

There has been a couple of comments saying that ads aren’t an issue and they would still happily use the app. A good suggestion for CSS Coder was to have ads but have them not covering any of the apps functions.

Concerns over ad free option

Although AppLinked adding ads to the app may not have a big impact, there has been concerns about a possible ad free option. We saw this from the developers other app Media Lounge and we also see the same in LiveNet TV, HD Streamz, etc. You get the option to go ad free but allow use of your devices idle resources.

I’m not going to go too much into that as I’ve already covered content on idle resources in the past. But in short, you’re potentially allowing unknown users online being able to access the internet using your ip address. This is something you don’t want so unless you use a vpn, I would never recommend opting into this.

But there’s been nothing saying this will be added, it was just something I saw being mentioned so I wanted to let you know. Maybe we could see a donation option that makes the app ad free, or Applinked may never be ad free after this, who knows.

Applinked Aternatives

At the moment there are three Filelinked replacement apps but ads aren’t a thing, yet. You also have FileSynced and Unlinked, both which are great apps and covered videos on them showing how they work. So we could see a lot of Applinked users jump ship and switch over to one of the other alternatives which have not ads.

Here’s a poll I did recently on both Twitter and YouTube that showed no Filelinked alternative was taking off more than the other.

We can forget Downloader which is also a very popular method for installing apps and one which a lot of users have chosen. You can simply visit our Downloads Section which has apps for Firestick & Android TV devices, or alternatively the Kevin Porteous website is a great option for third party apps.


It’s still very early days and only time will tell what actually happens and we could also see some form of ads added to the other alternatives in the near future. I would suggest trying an affiliated link and a donation button like Filelinked did to start. Then if that doesn’t make enough to cover costs, consider adding actual ads. But will it Applinked adding adverts actually affect users?

But we have to understand that this isn’t a way of the developer taking advantage of users, it’s pretty essential when it comes to running costs. We just have the luxury of having various different ad free options at the moment.

What you could do is leave a comment with any suggestions you have, or your thoughts on Applinked adding adverts. Or go over and follow me on Twitter and let me know your thoughts.

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