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Apple TV Now On Android TV

Great news for Apple TV users as you no longer have to sideload it or view in a web browser as you can now get Apple TV on Android TV. This is including Nvidia Shield, MECOOL, Xiaomi Mi box, etc!

Apple TV Now On Android TV

Can You Get Apple TV on Android TV

The answer is yes! as of last night (June 1st) the official Android TV version of Apple TV Plus became available in the Google store. For some reason there is always some kind of issue between the 3 big names being Google, Amazon & Apple, but it’s great to see Apple TV now on Android TV devices. Although it must have hurt Google as it seems they really aren’t keen on their competitors.

How To Install Apple TV on Android TV

Before it was quite complicated to view Apple TV on streaming devices such as Nvidia Shield, MECOOL boxes, Xiaomi boxes, and other official Android TV devices. But now it’s as simple as going to the search in the Google Play Store and searching Apple TV. Once downloaded you can open the app, hover across to settings and sign in.

Apple TV Now On Android TV

If you would prefer to see a video about this then we will leave our YouTube video below for you to take a look at. Feel free to also Subscribe if you’re not already for the latest tips, tricks, news and reviews around streaming. So, Apple TV now on Android TV….. Damn right it is!

I hope this info helped a couple of you and I’ll continue to post updates to the page. If you use a lot of streaming apps, be sure to check out our APK Updates page, or even check out our Downloads section for apps on Android & Amazon devices.

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