Apple Airpods & Samsung Buds are over £100 | Wait These Are Only £32 & work on anything | WOW

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  1. I have the Galaxy Buds and they are really good for the price but these look really good for what the price it. I'm more of a over ear headphones so I choose my Bose QC35 II over the buds.

  2. Thank you again I've been trying to find wireless headphones that doesn't cost too much ? you know how many times I broke my wire headphones lmao ? it gets caught on everything Lol again thank you so much I appreciate it for doing what you doing ? I'm about to order those headphones right now lol

  3. Bought mine 2 months ago, and had a £20.00 Amazon voucher's they cost me £13.00 for a set of brilliant ear pods, and the box also doubles up as a power bank so you can charge you phone or any other similar device.Would well recommend these.Regards Neil from Leeds.

  4. Wear them with high volume up so you don't hear the wife giving out to you when you returning home from the pub too late ha ha ha. Be a good excuse telling your wife you cannot hear her.

  5. Best bit is so simple, apple ones come with no rubber buds.. the bloody buzzing that comes from them things when someone nearby using them. Annoying! Rubber buds help keep the noise in. Nice review m8. Oh, Fildo not been working right. Its not finding anything on searches plus jumping about tracks. Any news?


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