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App Developers Urge Users To Use Real Debrid

Apps which allow users to watch Movies & TV Shows for free have been having serious issues recently. Resulting in 0 links being found when searching. After reaching out it’s become clear App Developers urge users to use Real Debrid.

Recently I have been receiving a lot of questions in regards to Apps for Movies & TV Shows. You will also find a comments section at the bottom of this post where you can post problems and fixes. Also comment if you have Real Debrid and what you think of it, has it helped you? But upon searching links for a Movie or TV Show people have been finding Apps aren’t finding any. Some Apps will find links but they seem to be unavailable, so I reached out to developers about the Issues people are experiencing.

First of all I was told that no links/streams are hosted by the app developers. The App searches the web for playable links for you to then play inside the App, but how these links perform is nothing to do with developers. This means the issue could well be the servers where you’re trying to watch content from. But it could also be you isp blocking you from the server you’re trying to retrieve links from.

So basically, how the App looks and how it works is down to the developers of the App. But when it comes to the actual streams, this is out of the developers hands. So what can you do to try and fix this issue?

App Developers Urge Users To Use Real Debrid

This is what the developer of CatMouse said when we reached out on Twitter yesterday.

So now you’re probably wondering why App developers urge users to use Real Debrid, or what it actually is. Real Debrid is a subscription service which you link to Apps for Movies & TV Shows. It can be linked inside the settings of the App you use. What Real Debrid does is let you find links from premium websites, resulting in better quality streams. Buffering can also be resolved from using this service and it’s a low cost.

If you are a Kodi user then Real Debrid can also be linked to that also. I have a guide showing you how you can link it to all addons and where you can find the various different settings. We will leave the guide below if this is something you will be wanting to do.

How To Setup Real Debrid On Kodi

The main benefit of getting streams from premium websites means the links are coming from paid servers. This could result in less buffering, better quality streams and servers that aren’t flooded with traffic. You can watch the video to learn a little more on Real Debrid. And if you’re wondering how you will know the difference between free links and premium links, it’s as simple as looking at the colours. Free links show in the standard white text while Real Debrid links will show in colour, such as blue, purple, orange or any other colour.

Real Debrid is 100% safe and recommended by many popular names around this particular niche. Another reason why, App developers urge users to use Real Debrid.


How Much Does Real Debrid Cost

To many people this cost maybe an inconvenience, but in terms of streaming it’s 1 of the best purchases I ever made. The prices are in Euro so you would need to convert to whatever currency it is you use in your country. But even if you buy a month to test I don’t think you will be disappointed.

App Developers Urge Users To Use Real Debrid

Will This Fix It 100%

There are many different factors that can play a part in an App not working as it should. A fix that may work for 1 person may not work for another, but this is what developers are recommending. But be sure to leave your thoughts in the post comments below.

A VPN May Help

Internet providers have been known to block servers which will result in you not being able to find links from said server. So it could be worth investing in a VPN, which is always recommended when using third party Apps and when streaming. You can find different free vpn’s in our downloads section, but it’s recommended to use a trusted/recommended vpn.


  1. Let us know if you have Real Debrid and how it works for you. Also if you have any questions about anything just ask 🙂

  2. I know the article is for real debrid.. What is the difference, other than devs usage, between trakit and debrid?

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