Apk's Look Stretched On Firestick/Android ? Here's How To Fix It

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  1. Nice work mate. Man goes to doctors and says doctor I keep feeling like a pair of curtains doctor replies pull yourself together

  2. Woman sees Doctor "I'm worried about this wart on my face" Doc looks through a magnifying glass and sees a bunch of palm trees on a beach, waves gently breaking on the sand. "Don't worry" he says "It's only a beauty spot"

  3. What's up with Pluto TV….when downloaded it says incompatible version, with options to exit app or download from store….I'm using a 4k stick….any ideas????

  4. A quick question big man, on the listings on Morph I’m missing the edges, fire stick tells me to adjust my tv screen settings but it doesn’t help…….would this app be what I need?
    How’s the diet going? Keep up the good work and dad jokes. ?


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