A95X MAX 8.1 ANDROID BOX | How Does It Perform ???

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A95X MAX Available Here : 4gb ram : https://bit.ly/2FumJAF 2gb ram : https://bit.ly/2D9gY9Z Game Pad Plus ( Bluetooth Game Controller ) : GearBest …



  1. This has to be the worst of the A95 brand,the remote is clumsy,so i dump it in the fireplace,so frustrated,the interface and specs
    are tempting,but not user friendly.most apks comes with a top menu that u cannot access,only with a mouse,the SSD drive shows up as a normal usb drive,so no direct downloading.after 3 updates ,nothing has been fixed…Burn baby burn..

  2. Excellent review! Can you please review the SkyStream Three Plus box? I am thinking of getting that but would like to learn more.

  3. Bought it from geekbuying for 69 dollars after seeing so called awesome reviews. Too many issues and geekbuying not responding to my return rma, Just ignore all videos on YT recommending it. DON"T buy

  4. After i spent 6 hours researching best bang for the buck TV box, i came across your review. Then I researched this product more in depth and it trully is amazing value. I have just bought it from Gearbest and waiting for delivery. I also solved the issue you mentioned with the remote control, by purchasing a stand alone remote control used in the "Pro" model. £7 from gearbest too. I hope that helps. Q5 – A 2.4G Wireless Transmission Voice Function Remote Controller – Black 251457801 . I'm waiting for the product now.

  5. I purchased two A95X tv boxes. They are advertised as 1000m download speeds. I can only get 100m. I have 400m to the box and only 100m come out. Is there a special setting?


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