A Few Things I'd Like To Say

I just posted another video on my YouTube Channel. Check it, get involved in the comments, and don’t forget to drop a like, and subscribe for more great content!

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  1. Hey Brother. I share and like the shit into your channel. I have plenty of idiots in my family when it comes to lack of tech know how and they all say you kick ass. Keep it UP BRA

  2. That's awesome! thanks again for the knowledge and the notes in my wallet!!!… Thank you very much sir uve been hundreds of help!

  3. I bought a dead phone the other day and when I took it back to the shop and told them it was dead they said “well it was free of charge!” ??? keep up the good work pal ??

  4. unfortunately this will not stop, only good thing is I would say you have more genuine people appreciate your help than scammers trying to profit from your help .Keep it up Lad

  5. Yeah man everybody in america is broke. I came here for tech help. We like free smiles too ya know. C'mon people don't mess up the comment section with your crap!

  6. Great channel mate , helped me out a lot I appreciate it pal!

    Have found lately that ckaytv and livenet tv have been crashing and buffering a lot lately on Nvidia Shield tv, , am I missing something??

  7. Agree with your comment…. can’t believe people exploit others… I’ve helped friends load your library and shown them how to update with new releases as you advise that they’re available. Some even subscribe to your YouTube so they’re “self sufficient “… wheedle our those who charge ??

  8. Free Tech, your awesome and funny at the same time.
    Wasn't sure about about you at first,
    but figured, hay I am kind of like him. ???
    I've learned a lot from you and still learning.

  9. I'm trying to find out if you can put real-debrid downloaded movies on other devices to save and use later? Thanks again and by the way your accent is great, I am scotch-irish and you remind me of my grandfather"s after a few pints or sometimes shot's? Thanks again, hope you can help me. Bye R. Mc.

  10. Mr freetech! I got Samsung 8+ And I got Google Daydream veiw ? do you have any idea how I can set up filelinked and Movie apps so can use it thru my VR when wife watching TV thanks again for everything ? Where is your donation page?

  11. Cracking vid bro, keep up the good content I'm loving the vibe you put out in your vids, good old English humour and top quality advice. Probably the best subscribe on YouTube


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