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  1. Congratulations on 70k big guy. On to 100k. But just be careful. As you know any YouTube channel that talks about streaming has to be careful.

  2. BiGGer Tech lets get to 1m Yeah ?????
    Bless You give a another saying pls do that APK the Gangster of all the other Gangster. Lol ???????.
    You Tell Them BiG TECH SUPPORT ?‍♂️?‍? You make me laugh and I can't stop saying apk vpn to everyone and I get this look ?‍♀️?‍♂️ hehehehe. Have a wonderful week and lets no get caught in a trap you can't get put wowow we can't go on like this with ? bits we need some ?? and go old fashioned ??? sorry I've lost it again BiG TECH ??

  3. My girlfriend asked me to stop singing I'm a believer by The Monkees, because she found it annoying. At first I thought she was kidding.

    But then I saw her face.

  4. bro i got a free trial for 10hours on that knighttv i took it off no nothing loading on firestick…was working fine before i installed that Sorry liked the channel but i am unsubscribing


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