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4K FIRESTICK 'VS' 2ND AND 1ST GEN FIRESTICKS | Is The 4k Firestick Better Than The Others?

4K FIRESTICK 'VS' 2ND AND 1ST GEN FIRESTICKS | Is The 4k Firestick Better Than The Others?

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Is the 4K FIRESTICK BETTER than the 2ND & 1ST Generation Firestick? In this video we will do a Firestick comparison to see if the 4K Firestick is really Worth It.
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  1. Hey Adam I totally missed your birthday when I left my comments on the firestick. So happy belated birthday from North Carolina USA! You know what you get when you get a belated birthday wish? A Damn belated birthday wish! Love your channel and keep cracking on!

  2. Not sure how to ask a question other than tagging it on here, so sorry in advance. I was using cinema hd with real debrid and the links i was getting was saying that it needed a resolver, so can you install a resolver to work with real debrid or is it a stand alone programe. your help required. cheers.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Iam not a fire stick guy but its better now that Google and Amazon are working together. Its definitely a good deal for the price, thanks for the comparison!!!

  4. Got my 4k firestick today & its DOGSHIT wont let me download anything keeps showing message saying error from unknown sources check url & network what have Amazon done ? have they blocked us downloadind ?

  5. How does it compare to the fire tv1st and 2nd generation fire tv? Also can you add sd card to the 1st and 2nd generation fire tv boxes as well as t95Q android box thanks

  6. All right how's your day bean iv gust looked at apk time there's graveyard what is it and why do i need a pin thanks if you can help cheers m8

  7. Happy Bday FreeTech.. 2 days Belated..

    Almost bought a Nvidia Shield after your Vid but resisted.. The extra 20% off Warehouse almost swung me but in the end. I resisted. Couldnt justify the cost for what little I would use it for.
    Not a big gamer and didnt think RFS Simulator or Airline Commander would work as they work by tilting the phone to fly..

    As I have a LG 55" 4K TV with Wireless Display and ZTE Axon 7 then I decided to play like this than with a Shield..

    Got a 4K Fire Stick back in April for £35.. Purely for the 4K TV..

  8. Hi big man happy b/day nice video as usually as you mention about Amazon prime day and 4k firestick like me a lot of people would have purchased one at low price big savings thing is could you do a video on how to setup 4k stick for first-time viewers on how to do it and best apps to load onto it we be all very grateful and it be a big hit with your fans and boost your rateings please consider cheers for now mf.

  9. Hi freetech, how can i gain access to fire stick that has been blocked by Amazon bought from eBay? PS I boots to screen asking to connect remote but I don't have remote control atm

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