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*2018* How To Install Showbox Onto Fire Tv Stick .. EVERY WAY TO DOWNLOAD

*2018* How To Install Showbox Onto Fire Tv Stick .. EVERY WAY TO DOWNLOAD

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the vid. Its installed oreyt but can't click owt. I've gorra fire stick remote app but that dunt work either. Is there a mouse one?

  2. just added filelinked ,only took me 90 mins with tx3 minimouse ? dogshit haha ,but apks working my mate keep up the good work.

  3. Hi sorry to bother you but this is about the general Amazon fire tv stick itself. The problem is that it's really slow and when i plug it in to watch showbox (which from your videos i downloaded thx) i have to wait about 2 mins to navigate between apps is their a solution to this or do i just have to stick with this.

  4. Hey Thanks for trying to help out. Sorry for the bad comment I did before..?. Thanks for being a good sport ?!

  5. Every time I down load it says connection error check internet ?? But my interney is working on all other apk

  6. I can't seem to get audio on the cyberflix app how can I get the audio up on it so I can enjoy watching on that one

  7. I installed and opened after ypdate and its a gray screen with Trending at left corner. Wont do anything after that

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