*2018* Free Remote Mouse App On Firestick .. Mouse Toggle For Fire Tv .. 3 Different Ways

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  1. I can never seem to get the mouse on the screen once I'm in showbox. I've forced closed the mouse toggle, relaunched it and also turned off amazon 4k firestick and back on again. When I'm in showbox app I've double and treble clicked the play button to get the mouse to appear but to no avail. Any help please

  2. My fire stick /Mouse toggle Has a Glitch where the Circle Mouse is smaller than the old one and then it glitches up whenever I click on something anybody have any ideas how to fix this problem

  3. I'm trying to sign in to Nord VPN but mouse app not working any idea. it will only let u highlight the create account and not highlight the already have account option.
    any help would be appreciated pal.

  4. When I try to use downloader with allfreeapk website it never downloads. I have checked on laptop and the download now links to a zip of the file and not the apk file, so it never starts

  5. Thank u very much.Im thankful for your videos,i was wondering why mouse toggle on aptoide tv wasn't working and wasn't sure what do.I apreciate u as a newly firestick owner for sure??…

  6. Hi there, tried downloading from the site in the clip and after hitting the download apk button, the page changes to the next then quickly changes again to read "403 Forbidden"… Any ideas what to do next? Thanks.

  7. Hey World!!! Is there any way to use the mouse toggle through your phone??? Is there a way to download the mouse toggle and use it through my phone… My fire stick remote isn't working so im using the phone as a remote for the fire stick…. I can do everything through my phone except use the mouse.

  8. Hi. This does not work. Followed every thing in the video and yes even double clicked the play button after toggling both buttons on and off. Its borked. Just like everything else on these TV sticks or TV boxes they want you to pay for stuff.

  9. Anyone know how to get the toggle to work when they are using the firestick remote app on their phones (which a lot of people use because of lost or broken firestick remotes?


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