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100k Subscriber LIVE STREAM — & Winners Announced

100k Subscriber LIVE STREAM — & Winners Announced

I just posted another video on my YouTube Channel. Check it, get involved in the comments, and don’t forget to drop a like, and subscribe for more great content!

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  1. PIP claim help bookmark at the top of the winners draw page hahaha. Now I know why you said you had more time for the channel, you just banged in for the sick like buddy? haha

  2. Everyone is nice as pie until they dont win.. Agreed, if they had been pulled and then lost it then they would moan then as well…

  3. Free tech, having trouble installing update for Redbox. Downloads goes to install but doesn't complete. Try doing it through the link to their website but Firefox just comes up with a white screen. Tried deleting it and reinstall from filelink, still no joy. Suggestions? Cheers

  4. How do you fix "the explicit proxy request is forbidden". It says access denied on any website I search on my phone. Can you help me fix this on my phone? I think it's due to a virus as I downloaded a converter file from YouTube to mp3 to get a song. Please help me fix this.

  5. Congratulations. Just a quick question. Could you tell us what are the best android boxes for people on a budget, like top 3 below 50 quid? Also whats the best top 3 mid-range and best top 3 overall? Cheers mukka…

  6. Hi free tech can you help me. I've got a a95x pro and followed your steps to your site through es file explorer and es keeps closing as I click download tab?

  7. Hi! Shawn Titus here…I just wanted to give you some feedback on the nox cleaner? I've used a lot of cleaners before but this one seems to be fairly good I was impressed. So that's the feedback on your cleaner. Have a nice Easter

  8. I can't believe people would want to waste their money on hidden router?? Just buy a router from the shops for £20. Turn your hub into a modem via it settings. Then connect the router to your hub and log in to the routers homepage go into the MAC address and change a digit or 2 bingo you have a new IP address. This takes literally 10 minutes from start to finish

  9. I need help cause I keep getting error 401 on my android box after I watch something and it isn't up dating that I have watched that show or movie

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