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  1. Love your videos mate ?? I'm using Jet box absolutely love that shit smashes showbox so much to choose from in ways of films. Keep up great work mate top man

  2. I don't recall ads when using this apk… Maybe the modded version takes away the monetary support request from the developer upon launch? If that's the case, f this developer and his apk (or her lol)

  3. I was the cream cracker king 30 years ago, tough challenge, fast little nibbles, so not to dry the mouth out to quickly. lol

  4. The developer should have never went on a rampage and try to threaten people with releasing their information without knowing if the people are using a mod version because everybody's not computer wizard but seriously tvzion is charging is $1.25 a month and that is very cheap even if he was lowered to $0.05 people will still try to find a mod version with no annoying ads but we should support the developer for the amount that he's asking per month you got to remember it costs money for servers and to maintain this apk it's not free.
    for the people making the mods versions I understand you want to show your skills or you want to help people get their ad free version but you're hurting the developer like this and we only talkin about $1.25 seriously.
    I understand people want the ad-free version due to the annoying ads but for some reason the mob version sends up a red flare and I'm advised to uninstall due to Babable PuP High Confidence and the original version doesn't have this so use your best judgement or should I say the safest way.

  5. Throwing his toys out the pram,I always use the official apks because a advert now and again doesn’t piss me off and they have to make some money somehow but that post was complete bs

  6. I bumped into an escaped prisoner camping out in the woods…………. It was a clear case of criminal in tent.

  7. I can understand his frustration but its a one of the pitfalls of the technology, I think people who mod apps do so more for the challenge than anything else and care little about any morals of costs no more than the developer cares about the morals of piracy!

  8. Just the fact that they have stated RE their possible options should, set alarm bells ringing….. not used and certainly now won't use. old adage… shoot oneself in the FOOT comes to mind. Thanks for the vid as I did not understand what mod meant other then Ministry of Defence lol

  9. I’m paying for the ZionTV club subscription it’s only a small fee for a year when you look at the amount of content, with realdebrid can complain. I don’t mind giving to dev that help us out.

  10. I use TV Zion since Terrarium went down and i dont experience Ad issues or popups. So idky people are using a Modded version. Also i see a lot of people saying they deleted the app. Well I if you are using an official version, you have nothing to worry about. That message was directed at modded users.

  11. i don't use any version of this app because there are better options out there, but i get a good laugh reading every time the developer has a nervous breakdown on Reddit and starts making all kinds of threats

    that pathetic and hypocritical developer should be in therapy. and his loyal fans (the people who already bought the long time subscriptions i guess) should be aware that there's high probability they are already being logged

  12. So the TV Zion I was using from your filelinked was modded? Is that why it didn't work for me? I'm not sure I understand where you say: "support the developer" if you are supplying the modded (ad-free) versions. I may be genuinely misunderstanding?

  13. Let's not be stupid…you don't "USE" an APK…you use an APK to install an app and use the APP. So you are encouraging people to shit on developers…nice job.

  14. Imagine trying to charge people for pirated content and then threatening them. What, so it's ok for him to rip off studios, streaming services and TV networks but when someone does it to him he acts like a little bitch? Is he the only one allowed to pirate? Charge a one off fee and people would pay. Subscriptions and ad bombardment isn't the way forward.

  15. I HONESTLY didn’t know there was a difference between the two. I just watch a YouTube video and follow the install instructions. A few adds don’t bother me if it supports the dev. I agree simply educating the users instead of threatening them is the way to go.

  16. TVZion hands down the best streaming app. I pay for Zion Club and I used everything else and dropped everything else. And the dev is super responsive on reddit. So if your the type whos willing to shell out a few bucks for an outstanding app that just works TVZion is the way to go.

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