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  1. Hi thanks for your videos. When I'm watching something on showbox somethings popping up saying open with

    Es downloaded
    Es media
    Mx player

    Any way i can stop this?? Tia

  2. Hi big man many thanks for this amd the toggle video.

    Im strugling to fastforward in a film in showbox and itbstopped playingbhalf way through haha is there a way to skip back to.middle?

  3. Hello i have install Filelinked which is ok but any APK i have install it does NOT say Quit Leave or shutdown how can i save files where their is NO QUIT Button

  4. Maybe a stupid question,but im just getting into the smart t.v. game..I have a roku t.v. whatvwould be best to use for additional free movies?

  5. Once downloaded and opened it requires me to go to the internet and do one of those gift card survey scans to get showbox premium access. Have showbox on several other devices . This is a new on on me. What's the deal?

  6. I've downloaded Showbox (about 1 yr ago)on my Android phone, it works fine. Should I re download it with a APK? Or am I ok?…

  7. I hate to say this. First thanks for the help but you're not funny and you are trying to hard to be funny. Let it be natural don't force it.

  8. I've tried downloading it the website works but it lets me download show box but when i get to open it, it won't let me open it

  9. Followed steps and 'aptoide tv' does nothing at all. Just a page saying aptoid TV. Nowhere to click to download anything.


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