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♦ The Latest Apk Updates ♦ Which Are The Best & What's New ♦ MARCH 2019

♦ The Latest Apk Updates ♦ Which Are The Best & What's New ♦ MARCH 2019

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  1. I have just got to say a massive thank you for all your videos. I am not tech savvy, but you have helped no end. Keep up the great work!

  2. hi big man
    thanks for you great info on great channel…….. have joke fore you……

    two old men on bench in park……one said to other nice out in it
    yes, you better put it away, quick, you get arrested for that,,,,,,

    yes love all my sport/ films,

    all getting block from time to time/ yes will have to get vpn router
    to stop big 6 blocking your acces/ to net

    have 6 shelds./ to update each week/ take ……… it

    red box works well for while then stops, so best to put fresh install,, wiping old one of data
    from your site…. or file/ 5601333.

    and after loading up works fine./thanks for all your help on great channel
    thanks steve

  3. Cyberflix have shit links these days..
    No more googlevid etc,
    Just ‘potplayer’…
    Which is not very compatible with my pissy broadband..
    What’s all that about?
    Tea tv has become the better of the 2 over the last week.
    On the hunt for a new app now.

    What did 1 tampon say to the other?…

    Fuck all..
    they’re both stuck up cunts.

  4. I'm not tech savvy. What website can I use for my laptop to stream movies and TV shows. I've used showbox on my tab but my tab is dead. All I have is my laptop and phone. My phone is too small.

  5. I wish there is a drop down list in filelinked to easily select the code so we dont have to remember type in each time to save "56001333 -Yorkshire guy" like a nick name for each code..What a brilliant idea ..ain't it?

  6. Useful video thank you… How do I get access to the file share thing for the apks you mention ???

  7. Hi
    I'm having problems downloading Mx player from your filelinked webpage.its coming up with error saying it conflicts with program of same name,which I'm unable to locate. Is there a workaround to why I'm getting a this as I need it to view Redbox APK?
    Any help greatly appreciated!!!

  8. Hello free tech, can you add stbemu pro 1.1.11 to your filelinked store I would really appreciate it stbemu pro 1.1.10 has a bug freezes. Stbemu pro 1.1 11 came out March 3rd to fix freezing. Thanks free tech keep up the good videos.

  9. Sir i have a serious problem with my Firestick 4k. I experimented to sideload google play services on my FS 4k and it installed successfully. But when i restart my device it bootloops on and on to Firestick logo. Any solution sir? Damn i must have not do that. Please sir help me.

  10. Really appreciate these videos. I'm new to all this and find your channel very helpfull. I have subscribed to your channel and will recommend any one I know that needs help. Thank you

  11. or8 mucka, just grabbed that newest iptv smarters apk for my t95q box but it doesn't seem to be the cracked version as it says (purchase ad free version) at bottom of screen when launching app??, now it's either that IMO or it could be because my box has come with android oreo and newest android OS's and stuff cant register cracked apps, i have no idea lol, also, the bugger came rooted which is a kick in bollocks so now i have to put up with Netflix in SD due to the lack of some official certificate being implemented on rooted devices in which are only implemented on NON-rooted devices, just advice for anyone else out there wanting an android box, don't get one with newest OS AND ROOTED lol.

  12. Hi mate, do you know if Firestick interferes with Sky hdmi control? My sky hdmi input no longer automatically comes on when the power button is pressed. Seems like Firestick is always displayed when tv is switched on

  13. Hello mate. New subscriber..u look like a man who knows his stuff.. what and who u recommend for best Iptv to go for please . Thank

  14. New dude 167 has showbox on his filelinked store if you want it without going to aptoide hope this help good vids btw

  15. My man, i love your videos and the laugh is what makes me keep coming back… Love a brother so full of life…

  16. The set orientation works flawlessly. I hated my stretch screen and now your instructions were so easy. Boom, fixed.

  17. Deleted my APK's from android box that were working! Loaded your so called LATEST, bloody hell. Live Lounge was the WINTER edition, did not fetch data!! Live Net TV, could not fetch data. Mobdro , Live streams could not be loaded, cant load data. Complete waste of a Sunday afternoon . Absolute crap.

  18. The Freeflix HQ app is not working on my MI TV, I get an error as " net_name_notresolved" Can you please help

  19. I need a full Woking free link to watch all the English premier league games.. I’ve got all the movies just can’t find a good working sports link.. anyone help

  20. great vids loads of info great work mate. just one question can i delete apk installation files after the programme has already been installed? haven't been deleting them when installing the app and losing disk space. how do i do it? cheers

  21. Thank you for your always very entertaining videos. I am a new user of Android box T95Z Plus and your information is extremely useful.

  22. Hello.. for some reason getting an unknown error has occurred. Check URL and connection. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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