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  1. Time to make another video featuring the little star of the household ?? OK throw in the dog as well for maximum baiting lol

  2. Adam,Their WebSite Is Still In Beta.Thats Why The Website Seems Pretty Plain ATM.Also, You Can Use Ad-Blocker To Filter The WebSite For Your Use Or Use A Pop-Up Blocker For The Pop-Up Showing Everytime.

  3. The look on your face Big Tech ERRRRR Teaaaaa lol hope all good. Thank you for helping me and me learning from some who is down to earth as I sufferer from mental illness watching your videos helps bro and jokes stay happy and bless you always. P.s idiots who dislike if you don't appreciate the help get lost.

  4. I just tried watching a movie and tv show but doesn’t work, ads keep popping up and it also makes you use a vpn or won’t let you watch, guess I’ll try find another site, thank you tho. ?

  5. TeaTv doesn't place the ads I believe. The ads are from the links the content is sourced. You demonstrated an open load stream. Ads are not TeaTvs but from openload. Now, to block you can use Brave browser on android, blocks ads well. Chrome has great a blockers to so don't blame the devs.


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