♦ T95Q Android Box Review ♦ A Very Popular Device Right Now ♦ 4gb Ram 64gb Storage ♦

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  1. No matter how fancy these Android boxes are I've not come across a single one where the remote control is (to me) as good as the Firestick remote…..Amazon really did well with that design.

  2. Did you hear about the constipated mathematician?
    He worked it out with a pencil.

    Love your channel, lots of great info!

  3. How does it compare to the 4K Firestick?? That is what I have, I also had the generation 3 one (I think I’ve got that version right?).

  4. Sorry about this yet another Skoda joke…. how can you double the price of a Skoda …… fill it up with petrol…. that’s all folks.. keep the good work with your videos , great stuff

  5. There are two biscuits on a bus one biscuit says to the others where do you live? He says im not telling you you might nick me washing! I’m maths class in 1986 it’s was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!

  6. great box for the first 2 months i had it, super fast but then it just decided to stop the output through the hdmi and left me with a black screen? had to return it so i am waiting for a replacement to see if that has the same fault? also how the hell do you turn the flashing LED ring off?

  7. I am getting max wifi speeds from mine. I think there is a way to use a bluetooth remote or upgrade to bluetooth somehow according to the instructions but this IR remote was much better than most like you said so I did not bother to pursue as I dont use a remote very often either (Keyboard + mouse for me).

  8. Free is 4 me and I was wondering what your opinion is on a Beelink GT-K amlogic S922X tv box is ?
    Thanks I wait for your opinion and thanks

  9. You should load Netflix in Kodi but have to install Kodi 18.1. The new version of Kodi 18.1 can play Netflix and you tube in 1080, Kodi now has DRM Digital Rights Management. Hope this helps, thanks for the video.

  10. Just purchased my first android tv box, as I have four Amazon streaming devices, and this is the box I purchased. I love it, the speed is fast on links and love the 32 GB storage. Took getting used to remote but have grown to like it. I highly recommend this box if you want to try something different than Amazon device.

  11. Can I play sky go and BT sport official sites on this box, I know some android boxes don't play sky go! I want a box I can play all sky go, BT sport, live iptv and movie apks. Thanks n Crackon son.
    "Dr Dr I feel like a pair of curtains,
    Pull yaself together son!"

  12. Hi there wondering if you can help me have a older model media box the Ethernet works but only gives 40 download speed tried connecting to the WiFi but it won’t let me keeps saying connection failed any ideas what I can do

  13. The T95Q is trash. I purchased TWO of these last month, one for me and one for a friend as a present. We BOTH have problems with this box self-booting on and off. Mine is worse, sometimes it will lock up and reboot once a day, other times it does it every 10-15 minutes which is maddening. It doesn't matter if we run a program or not so it is NOT because of one app. This box is going in the trash as soon as I get a different type of box in the mail in the next few days. Stay away from this people….you've been warned.


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