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  1. 1 always make sure your router is in the right place interference is a bugger 2 don't let little billy and 20 of his mates overload the system its not rocket science.

  2. Hi Free Tech! I have an unrelated video question you might be able to help me with? I am looking for PC software for joining my mobile footage together into one clip with little or no reencoding. A lot of the time all I do is a little editing with simple transitions between clips with maybe some text at the beginning. Simpler the better. Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello mate.. With regards to the cable guy tv service.. If you get a second connection could I give that to a family member in a different country and still use mine at the same time?

  4. Oh my days your a life saver ? I tried the mx player change on cyberflix … now I can watch 1080 with no problem ? thank you man .
    A man who just had a head gets took out for his 18th , has a pint grows a body , has another grows legs , has another grows arms …. he runs off into the road and gets hit by a car … shoulda quit whilst he was ahead ?


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