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  1. Thanks for the effort. Only a matter of time though before Cinema updates and has instructions to not be functional with ad blockers like this just like many websites and apps already do.
    Also, Cinema is also having some issues with real debrid. The number of links is way down compared to the other sites.

  2. Free tech this is a BAD thing u know….i hate ads but remember people not using the ad version of terrerium is why the Dev pulled the plug on it and we all lost out.

    I love cinema as its the best apk to use for movies and TV. I hate ads but honestly i can live with it so long as it helps the dev.

    Putting an ad blocker on this or using an ad free version isn't really helping or supporting the dev.

    We really should support them if we want to keep cinema and not go down the same route as terrerium

  3. ( Joe ) Hello my mate great video as always ….adguard doesn’t work with ipvanish I’m afraid but never mind ! Keep up the good work and keep the jokes coming…..& crack on !! ??

  4. Love the channel love the feel good feeling you give off , my question to you is how do I get a movie player or the likes on my iPad Pro ( not jailbroke) appreciation given !

  5. Use blokada its better in my opinion, blocks ads any apps I'm using it on Amazon firestick they are releasing blokada version 4 which will have better navigation firestick and android tv box.

  6. Golden worked great, had a quick question I have a generation 2 firetick and can't seem to install wuffy player properly, always get did not install message.. thoughts?

  7. I’m watching cinema HD on my firestick, does anyone else have a problem where no subtitles show? I’m watching Game Of Thrones and trying to learn a made up language at the same time. Love the videos by the way, very easy to watch and easy to follow in order to get some great apps


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