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♦ IPTV NOT WORKING ♦ Could This Be The End ♦ Is It UK Only ♦

♦ IPTV NOT WORKING ♦ Could This Be The End ♦ Is It UK Only ♦

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An Eye Pee TV Subscription which I’ve been testing and would highly recommend is Pudding TV. They only offer 1 & 3 Month Subscriptions as they say no …



  1. Hi Adam, a little help please! I hear you bang on a bit about IPVanish, I’m currently in Thailand, so I thought I’d purchase IPVanish, so I could watch UK tv inc sky, Amazon, bbc, itv and 4 whilst away. But hey low and behold not one of these can be watched (bearing in mind that I’m a complete novice at this). So although I only have a months subscription to IPVanishVPN ( thank god) its been a complete waste of money, but saying this, they did get straight back to me when I emailed them, saying none of these channels will work through any vpn…so anyone thinking about this way…..don’t waste your money or if you have another idea how to work around it..please let me know….thanks

  2. Hey did you hear about the 600lb lady that got pulled over and arrested? they lifted her skirt and found 500lbs of crack 😉

  3. The money they spend on doing all this, but yet they allow paedophiles to access child porn… that's where the money should be fucking spent.. not here.

  4. Hi mate. Good vid..quick question..aside from the hidden router. Are there any good vpn routers to use with virgin media? Buying from currys, maplin etc. Thanks

  5. That's because yous are using the free apps jst pay for it monthly mine is working perfectly fine ?

  6. I bought Cyber Ghost vpn two weeks ago and have trouble signing in to it , it tells me that I am using the wrong password but I am very careful when entering the password they gave me. I also can not seem to be able to contact them through their help line, it seems like they have taken my money and don't want to know now, any suggestions would be appreciated.

  7. My IPTV stopped working today while watching Liverpool and now no channels are working. What do I do ?

  8. Hi there. Yes there is an issue out there. I deal with people world wide and have given away free premium IPTV service to a few in that area, one gent in the UK and a couple of fellows in Ireland have asked me if something was going on with the server. My end is good. Come to find out that Virgin was just shutting their end at certain times in the day. 1 PM ish. So surprise, yes. Been doing this since the beginning of March.

  9. yeah my streamkings iptv is down bummer!! as i paid for a years sub, not happy as i cant seem to get in contact with them what is the best !! iptv service anyway most reliable reputable and good customer support?? what the best free apk live tv been usinga few they seem to be shit now also

  10. Just find a foreign channel (with English commentary) that is streaming the match.
    BT Sport blocked the Man.Utd vs Barca match….. Went straight over to "Bein Sport HD 11" and carried on watching ?

  11. I'll be the first to fast forward thru a VPN plug or listening to the provider shove a service down my throat, but this video was a joy to watch. Thank you for all you do Sir.

  12. I have this problem.since this weekend with BT …IPTV stopped working ……installed vpn on my firestick and IPTV works again BUT it's buffering because speed dropped from 40 Mbs to 3.48 Mbs

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