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An Eye Pee TV Subscription which I’ve been testing and would highly recommend is Pudding TV. They only offer 1 & 3 Month Subscriptions as they say no …



  1. Thanks for another cracking video mate good info there, this video suits me and a hell of a lot more People too….you listening stephen!!!

  2. i use uktap tv firestick version works well n thè qàulity is there also founđ mobdro works alot smoother siñce the latest update n now ad free..jòbsagòođun

  3. Does this work in a foreign country like Morocco? I got an apartment there and desperately need some English TV at times.

  4. Nice one let's crack on. Just to let you know I have download tvcatchup and it works in Ireland with a vpn . So what would be my favor dance for a one legged man like me? Let's go to the hop. Ha ha. ( well just as good as your gags)

  5. I've had this on phone for ages big chap. In Poland last weekend lots of channels were blocked but downloaded turbo vpn from your site and everything was ding dangly good. I thought you were in my local in Ayr last night but it turned out it was your twin brother who is a Leeds fan……

  6. Thanks for the video mate , but when I click on a channel it brings me to another page for Transponder. Tv . How do I fix that ? I’m using the 4k firestick

  7. Does anyone know of any freeview boxes that record AND you can install APK’s (e.g cyberflix) on. I’m looking at getting rid of sky, I have IPTV but it’s d really like to be able to record some shows. I thought this would be the best place to ask.

  8. Awesome vid fella even though tha is ont wrong side of the pennines, red rose all the way bro. By the way what's brown n looks like a stick…… A stick. I was cooking some sausages the other day n one sausage said t'' other, god its hot in here. T' other sausage said "holy crap a talking sausage". Not sure I should av eaten those mushrooms

  9. I might be wrong but isn't there a TVCatchup APK on the Google Play Store and Apples App Store? Not sure if the browser option works any better but it's another alternative. Nice video mate keep em coming!

  10. Hi mate, do you by chance know of any APK which broadcasts ITV4 in HD? I know loads of them do ITV4 but I'd love to find it in HD so I can watch the upcoming BTCC season in better quality. I realize that ITV4 HD is exclusive to Sky but surely it is out there somewhere? Cheers, keep up the good work.

  11. I'm gone put it on my Tv bless you BiG TECH now then lets crack on hope all good and your set for a smashing weekend ??????

  12. Looking for a great alternative to this apk as catchuptv now looks like it has went to the wall no longer working new info video needed free tech bro


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