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♦ FileLinked Updates ♦ Some Huge Updates Including New Apps Too ♦

♦ FileLinked Updates ♦ Some Huge Updates Including New Apps Too ♦

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  1. I cant get a stream for ncis season 16 ep 16 or mountain monsters season 1 to 5 tryed everything any help on this would be great

  2. Great video mate I always look forward to your jokes. I have a an unrelated video question. What software do you use when editing your YouTube videos? I am after some software for just stringing my mobile phone footage together with occasional video editing nothing fancy. I would appreciate any advice mate!

  3. Hi Adam, great work, tvtap pro said it was doing maintenance and has not worked since on my fire stick. any news when an update for this will be working. page tries to load but then says no internet. thanks buddy.

  4. I've been sweating my tits off savaging every APK there's just too many my tomato sockets can't take it anymore

  5. hay man on your fillink use to have YouTube vanced and now I cany find please can you upload again

  6. How do I get into app permissions on firestick as most of these come with them all off, need to allow access to storage for it to work mate
    Cheers ?

  7. Hi,Lad whats going on with the APKs I am not getting any shows.a little video with no sounds /

  8. Some reason on live lounge F1 keeps saying the link is offline and won't work any ideas mate will it be virgin blocking

  9. Another great video
    I have 3 apps that cover me for tv/movies and sports

    1. Cyberflix – number 1 app for tv/movies and it has everything

    Navixsport and wss – between those two apps you have your sports

  10. yes turn on and off difference countries its a 4k it works fine until I updated apks, the second 4k not updated works find

  11. Free VPN? I use Hola, never a problem with it. Runs very well. There’s vids on YT on how to install it on fire stick.

  12. Hey I am having problems with my smart youtube app on my firestick. Its asking to update and when I do. It shuts down and nothing happens. Has anyone came across with the same problem?

  13. Are you using a Android emulator can you tell me when the best one to use on your laptop can you put a link

  14. And thank you for so much for everything what you doing to help people to get the best
    TV app

  15. Can someone please help me. I'm trying to find a good link for fox sport 1. Most of the one I tried doesn't really work, even on mobdro is no good. Does anyone know any apks or any sites please. Thank you so much for your help.

  16. Hi, as an old codger trying to keep up in this digital world I wonder if you could help ?,

    I have a new LG oled tv which is fantastic in it,s performance, it,s supposed to be Android but it is and it isn't,t, it,s called web o/s but I,m not able to put Kodi on it, ???,
    Do you have any help files available ?, cheers , Norm

  17. Hey free. The latest version of vlc player is not compatible with Amazon fire tv box. Can you recommend other players that I can use and are compatible with the apks

  18. Thank you for everything you do!!! I really appreciate it.. because I know I am not the brightest or computer savvy person.

  19. CinemaHD, Cyberflix, morphtv and others ALL work on my Samsung tablet, BUT THEY WILL NOT work on Verizon tablet. Cyberflix keeps saying "unfortunately" has stopped and CinemaHD will not display thumbnails and says too many on server >=( what do I do?!

  20. I'm trying to download some apks from file filelinked on my galaxy s10 and it downloads fine but when I try to access them, it says unable to scan and won't open. Any ideas?

  21. Came home from work the other day. My wife was looking at the cooker and said. Please rise. I said. I need to chill first. Maybe later. She turned round with a blank look and said. Not that. The cake in the oven..

  22. Help- i've downloaded some apps on my mums firestick which downloaded fine but it will not find any links. Dont know whats wrong with it.

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