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  1. Can you PLEASE get Sports TV 2.0.8.. it has ALL sports channels & all sky movie channels too. But what I love on his app he gives you a schedule, so tells you ALL the different channels you can watch a football match etc… Thanks

  2. Look buddy, I appreciate your channel you do give lots of great advice, and you are pretty cool and fun to watch. Like lots of good things sometimes I find youtubers fall prey to that free or paid advertising. You talk lots about IPvanish, and talk about how you get your subs discounts on it and that simply is not true, I tested it by going to ipvanish from your link and looked at the price, then going there via a different browser and an unknown device, and the price never changes, however if you used your link I am sure you get kickbacks or money, I am sure it’s money cause I have heard and seen the promotions IPvanish gives, especially if guys are not savvy and pick the month to month, you get reoccurring payments from IPbanish. I find this very unethical to do this, tell you get discounts for viewers and then only you get the perk and we all think we did by using your link. Come clean brother, at the least tell people its a great deal, you get a kickback for bringing a new customer and we are all in the know and happy. You are at this moment a liar, and that kind of hurts considering I was really liking you. I do not mind you getting kick backs for peddling the service, I do not like you telling lies saying there is a discount when its simply the normal price everyone gets, you do this so people click you like for you to get the cash. Stop using your channel in this was, tell the truth, we get nothing from using your link only you do, ask people to honestly help you by using your link, either they do or they dont, but at the least you can say you were honest. At this moment you are looking rather greasy, and I hate greasy youtubers. I do not use IPvansih for this reason and you were the main reason, I was looking for a VPN, heard about your discount, wanted to see the price difference and there was none, did some investigation on why youtubers were all recommending IPvanish and well after the company sold logs kept by the company to the FBI for profiling reasons, the company took a bug hit, no one trusted them, now they are giving youtubers payments on how many customers they get to join. This is greasy knowing they could very well be selling us out, and you recommending them, I would really doubt you actually use them, you just promote a very dangerous VPN. I am doing this to make your viewers, and subscribers see you in the light or dark, however you view yourself to be. I really think you should address this, admit you do not use it, cannot she how you could since everyone has heard how IPvanish has sold logs pertaining to customer usage and admitted to it publically. If you want trust now you must earn it. I still like your channel and you are fun to watch, I just now know you are a greasy guy, with an agenda which is not in you viewers or subscribers best interest. Like the most you are just out for your fianancial bottom line and have sold out to the corporations. Good luck and I hope you find you way back to being honest and loyal to the people that count.

  3. Hi my mate,do you know anything about providers blocking access to IP Vanish site? I have tried to access through 2 browsers but access is denied,also the e mail address is blocked. Crack On.

  4. I am having problem with no sound in the cinema hd apk do you know if it could be the MIX player? I also downloaded tea tv and it won't let me use MIX player only told her and internal. And the sound is fine on that. Cinema has had no sound since last update and never a problem before. Can you help me fix it. BTW you have an awesome station!!

  5. Hiya, I don't suppose you can put freemovies app back on file linked please, it was a cracking app…. It was asking for updates so I tried
    Un installing, went to reinstall but its not there sadly 😕

  6. And what about auto updates? I heard not to use them. I went back to cinema 1.4.3 and the correct version downloaded and I got a pop up for 1.4.5 just not sure if I should install the auto update. Thanks for the info ?

  7. Hi. Just a word of thanks to you. I've had my fire stick for a good few years and was loosing hope with it (buffering like crazy)when I was put on to your site. Now I've wiped my stick and downloaded the free VPN (turbo) which works fabulous and doesn't interfere with watching films and series at all (so far). I'm using Cyberflix and the MX player. This is more than I need. Thanks for all your help. Cheers, Stu

  8. I'm having trouble with Cyberflixtv. It keeps buffering nonstop while I'm watching movies and tv shows. When I first installed the app it was fine no buffering at all. What can I do to stop the buffering? Also are there any free VPNS for android phones? Thanks.

  9. Hi Free Tech, Not sure if you know your filelinked seem to be like me broke(ha ha) Seem to be a error occurred and it is Persists not working. So will I be best to delete your filelinked and reinstall it? Thanks for your time.

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