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♦ Facebook Shut Down ♦ What I'll Be Doing Next ♦

♦ Facebook Shut Down ♦ What I'll Be Doing Next ♦

I just posted another video on my YouTube Channel. Check it, get involved in the comments, and don’t forget to drop a like, and subscribe for more great content!

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  1. So many people I know have been "jailed" or banned from Facebook…. for the most petty reasons. Glad we still have you here! By the way, what do you call a cow with a twitch??? Beef jerky!

  2. You've done the right thing Lord FreeTech.. Facebook is fucked full stop…You'll only attract heat and idiots abusing your page anyway…Facebook is a giant bitch fest and policed by the ban Nazis…I got banned for posting a video about New Zealand Maoris and one tribeswoman had her bangers out, which was considered offensive by some frigid turd..I only use FB to wind people up in that great northern tradition lol Americans are my favourite!!! Lol…

  3. Fuck Facebook you don't need that censorship crap….
    Its for the selfie takers and brain dead.
    Twitter will be next….

  4. Facebook is for the sheeple
    Facebook is evil and that little twat that owns it all want his fucking head kicking in
    Wake up sheeple
    1984 is here and now

  5. I never went on Facebook, its just another site for nosey fuckers to see what other nosey fuckers are doing!

  6. Did you hear about the magic tractor? It went down the road and turned into a field…you are the man ,thank you for all the great videos very helpful,keep up the great work you do,already looking forward to the next one

  7. Facebook gave me a 30 day ban for just for re reposting a Sky News post. Facebook no longer supports free speech.

  8. Facebook police are stupid there are real groups and people they should close down Not yours Freetech

  9. Adam, don't worry about facebook, there is always other social media, Your doing a good job mate.

  10. Hi
    On a different subject I use Thunder VPN plus point it is free, bad point my download speed is 0.48 Mbps if I was to subscribe to the VPN that you recommend what sort of speed would I be looking at
    I am with Virgin and normally achieve 80/90 Mbps
    The Rev

  11. You know, it's funny you should talk about that as I was thinking exactly the same thing. I remember a few years ago, I hardly had any FB followers, so I dedicated myself to build up numbers. I'm a funny guy and enjoyed expressing my humour online posting silly and witty things. I stayed away from being rude, having arguments, and using the site to just try and get as much woman in bed as possible, and my numbers grew. I knew exactly what to post, what to say, and when to say it, to get as many FB Friends and LIKE's as possible. And my numbers grew to the thousands. But despite being in FB jail a couple of times for silly stuff, I sat back and thought…'What's the point?'.?
    I don't get any monetary value out of it, I have to spend hours of my time answering people's comments, and acknowledgements, for what? Nothing. Yes it was nice making people laugh but I realized I could spend days doing that but getting nothing out of it to help me out in my life (if you know what I mean). It was like continually 'feeding the dragon'.
    So I've decided to try and start up a YouTube channel like you, do what I naturally do, bring joy to people's lives and perhaps if I get enough followers get something out of it for me as well.

  12. You sure you didnt mention tommy robinsons name and say your right wing that will get you banned and fucked up the batty for sure

  13. Facebook have a nerve. I've never been on facebook but they do take liberties, including storing your info on their supposedly free vpn, which I understand they've removed now, but still WHAT THE HECK. He's got enough dosh without compromising customer data.

  14. been given a firestick from a mate at work it wont let me use my account or register a new account is there anyway to plug it into a laptop and reconfigure it or is it just buggered ?

  15. When I saw Facebook shutdow,,, I was thinking actual Facebook and must admit did a whoop until I realised it was your account,, just change your name lol… Keep up the good work,,,,

  16. I've made plenty of facebook posts about refusing to buy a TV licence but still watching said TV but I aint been banned. They must really have it in for IPTV or maybe its just you mate haha

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