♦ Compilation Of All My JOKES In 1 Video ♦ Try Not To Laugh Challenge ♦

I just posted another video on my YouTube Channel. Check it, get involved in the comments, and don’t forget to drop a like, and subscribe for more great content!

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  1. Just wanted to come in and thank you so much for the Swift Streamz Live TV app.
    I use your app store all the time.
    I am a Tennis freak and it has the Tennis Channel on it.
    Thanks so much mate.
    Now, let's crack on lad!

  2. What do u call a cow with no legs? Gound beef!! Lets crack on!!! I cant cope 😂😂. Even the worst ones were made funny by that laugh of yours. Us Yorkshire folk have the worst jokes ever lol. 😂😂😂

  3. Cant pick, too many good ones. Some awful ones too!😂 ure laugh makes them even funnier. Made me laugh, cheers pal. Maybe do another compilation.., this time just of ure outbursts of laughter. Infectious! 👏👍


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