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I will fill this in honestly.



  1. See Adam, I told you not to call it a diet. Eat anything you want but just eat until your satisfied. As of this morning, my total weight loss is 78 pounds or 35 Kilos or 5.57 Stone

  2. I would like to see you cuttin hedges or just generally messing abart wi useful cheap products. I hope I bump into you one day for a pint you must live no more than 5 miles from me wi that accent_

  3. Is it gonna be a bit like you've been framed ?
    Will we get £250 for every video you show ?
    🤣😅😂👍 you crack me up Six pack !! Lol
    Crack on my mate 👍

  4. Yeah , , any of the above wil, do for us , , , any kind of shit that you can think of , just go for it ……
    We'll watch it anyway's , coz we love yer………….! 😎
    <><><><><><><><><><> 🕴

  5. If your struggling with your diet, ask for help.first of all don't use a diet. Your fighting against your own body. Substitute high fat/sugar food you like with med fat/low sugar. I did it and lost 11 stone


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