♦ A95x Plus Android Box Review ♦ Is It Good? ♦

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  1. I’ve the Mxq 4K I’ve only had 3 months and has crashed on me already. I can’t seem to reboot the damn thing. Going to purchase the A95x plus. It looks like the dogs bollox!

  2. Hey FreeTech, I got my A95X R2 going again, thanks blackzed, but when I put the newest Filelinked on it every apk I download won’t let me install. I get an error that says a lot of gibberish that ends in “exposed beyond app through Intent.getData(). What’s that mean?

  3. You are one of the most watchable guys on here. Very helpful but more so you mannerism is amazing. Keep it up. Always has me smiling. You should read story books on here and add your own added touches to it. Id listen i think a lot of people would.

  4. Great review…..The remote control is in my opinion a major drawback as I personally have my android items attached to the back of the TV, which I don't want to have to point a remote to a device.

  5. Anyone idea why my smart iptv app has disappeared from my ‘recent’ section on my firestick? I have two and it’s the same on both. I can still launch it through settings but it’s a bit of a pain in the @rse!

  6. I'm new to Android boxes and I just love your reviews,they are presented with down to earth honesty and plenty of humour thanks a lot and I have gladly subscribed to your channel and look forward to further reviews

  7. HEADS UP!!! : TeaTv latest APK (8.6r) update is wanting access to my Photos, Media and Files? SHOULD I BE WORRIED ???

  8. Does this box remain on "standby" or fully shut down" when you switch it off via the remote control ,as most of these new boxes remain on standby and the power still feeds any external devices you have attached to it when it's shut down via the remote control and the only option is to physical remove the power lead or switch it off at the mains .

  9. I'm not getting any sound from my apps like Livenet tv, Tap Tv, HD Cinema, cotto movies, etc on my 4k fire stick. But can get sound from Amazon original movies, ESPN+ and DAZN. Any help please?

  10. Looks like a nice box. but would have liked a ethernet port but I suppose you could always buy a USB to ethernet adaptor


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